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Editor's Note: Below is a piece from our colleagues over at Legacy Research that we think you should take a look at.

Dear Reader,

Recently, a patent filed by Microsoft surfaced that could forever change the way Americans save, spend, borrow and invest.

It’s U.S. Patent Number 060606…

According to a filing released by the United States Patent Office, Microsoft has invented a creepy, imbedded chip that uses biometric data to award currency to a user based on a set of key measurements.

In other words, this chip tracks your heart rate, brain activity, body temp, and other physical data to monitor where you go and what you do – and also has the capability to transfer payments.

Why has Microsoft invented such a strange chip? And what does it mean for your money?

Put simply, what Microsoft has created will usher in the most dangerous reform in the history of the American financial system.

Geopolitical analyst Nick Giambruno warns: “If Microsoft succeeds, it won’t just be your money that changes… big-government bureaucrats will gain instant access to every facet of your life.”

From a remote outpost in Argentina, Giambruno has recorded a brief video to lay out all the details of this sinister plan.

For right now, you can go here to see the raw footage.

But before you click, be forewarned…

The content of this message is controversial… and not at all what you’ll hear from the mainstream media.

Go here to see Nick’s shocking video before it’s taken down.


Brian Mansfield

Research Specialist, Legacy Research


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